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Омологированная выхлопная система Slip-On для Audi TTS

Омологированная выхлопная система Slip-On для Audi TTSSome feel that the TT is more a fashion accessory than a true sports toy. However, the TTS model proves the opposite. From its two-liter turbo engine with direct fuel injection you can expect good power. But if the back of the TTS boasts an aftermarket Akrapovic Slip-On exhaust system, it offers even greater power. The Slip-On system does not convince just with an increase of power and a more optimal use thereof, but also by offering a significant weight reduction and a more sporty sound and if you examine the photographs, four 100-millimiter tail pipes – all from precious titanium. A very important fact is also that the Akrapovic Slip-On exhaust system for the Audi TTS is homologated.

Омологированная выхлопная система Slip-On для Audi TTSОмологированная выхлопная система Slip-On для Audi TTS


Производительность Омологированная выхлопная система Slip-On для Audi TTSThe Akrapovic Slip-On exhaust system offers an additional 3 HP (at 6.210 rpm) and 5 Nm (at 3.440 rpm). The power increase is especially noticeable between 2.500 rpm and 3.700 rpm; a TTS with an Akrapovic exhaust system is even more convincing above 5.000 rpm. Even though this is not a full exhaust system, but rather a Slip-On, the weight difference is still impressive. The Akrapovic exhaust system weighs less than half than the stock system, more precisely 8 kilograms less. With the increase in power it improves the power to mass ratio of this 4-wheel drive sports car even more noticeably. Sporty and ear-friendly every day driving sound and appearance go hand in hand with performance improvements. A look at its rear and the four sporty looking round tail pipes, measuring 100 millimeters in diameter, is fantastic.

Slip-On system, homologated:

2 titanium end mufflers
4 titanium tail pipes
Hard facts:

plus 3 HP (at 6.210 rpm)
plus 5 Nm (at 3.440 rpm)
minus 8 kg


Схема Омологированная выхлопная система Slip-On для Audi TTS


3 февраля 2011 Закончилась разработка выхлопной системы Slip-On exhaust system for the Ferrari 458 Italia
В конце недели система будет доступна для продажи. Следите за последними изменениями.

2 февраля 2011 Akrapovic назван лучшим брендом
После того как компания Akrapovic завоевала звание лучшего бренда в категории выхлопных систем в широкоизвестном мотожурнале, компания Akrapovic теперь присвоили это звание среди фанатов спортивных автомобилей.